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“A baby is born with the need to be loved, and never outgrows it” – Frank A. Clark

From the time your baby is born, his/her experiences form the foundation for his/her future mental health. As a parent/caregiver there is a lot you can do to help strengthen this foundation in the early phases of your baby’s development.

Parents often report that ‘feeding issues’, ‘sleep problems’ and ‘crying’ usually bring the most stress to them and their babies. These issues are described as classic sanity wreckers. (Jenny Perkel, 2014).

Karmen is a licensed and certified Babies in mind practitioner. Becoming a parent can be very stressful and it may take time for new parents to adjust to life with their new baby. Babies in mind offers informative support based on the book written by a psychologist to enhance new parents’ and their baby’s emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Furthermore, practical support is offered to parents on how to manage their baby’s feeding issues, sleeping difficulties as well as how to respond to excessive crying.

Karmen’s approach is informative and offers parents / caregivers practical ways to learn how to form a secure attachment with their baby, how to avoid postnatal depression, and reduce their own as well as their babies stress.

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